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  1. Played hardball for the first time in 22 years, by participating in the Boston Red Sox Fantasy Camp at there Florida spring training facility.
  2. Started playing for the Bergen Red Sox in North Jersey's first over 40 league's initial season.
  3. Book "Baseball's Greatest Total Hitters" by Mark Van Overloop is published.
  1. Played in league All Star game at Doubleday field in Cooperstown.

  2. Mark VanOverloop pitches 1st career shutout (this one in U.S.O.T.B.).

  1. Formed own team and managed the Park Ridge Rangers.
  2. At the Texas Rangers Fantasy Camp in Florida, batted against and fouled off versus my favorite player Nolan Ryan, entering his 26th major league season. Belted a 300+ foot double versus Vida Blue and roped 2 RBI single off newly inducted Hall Of Famer Fergie Jenkins.
  1. Elected N.J. over 40 manager of the year as Rangers improved to 15 wins (up from 5 in previous season) and beat the A's snapping their 43 game winning streak.
  2. Got 2 hits off Jim Bouton in league game.
  1. Piloted Rangers to another 15 game winning season and second place in N.J. Northern Division.
  1. Founded 'A League Of Our Own' with 3 new teams and became manager of the Orioles.
  2. Started the Fall League with 4 teams.
  3. League hosts 1st All Star Game in Park Ridge.
  1.  'A League Of Our Own' expanded to 6 teams.
  2. On July 14th, Mark Van Overloop(Orioles) pitches first league Shut Out (9 inning complete game) versus the White Sox. The teams used metal bats. This is Mark's 2nd career shutout.
  3. League hosts 2nd All Star Game in Emerson.
  4. Mark Van Overloop pitches complete games in both games of a double-header, winning the first game and losing the second game by just 2 runs.
  1. 'A League Of Our Own' grows to 9 teams, and the Orioles win the first league play offs.
  2. 'A League Of Our Own' plays doubleheader at Doubleday field, Cooperstown.
  3. 'A League Of Our Own' plays a few games with New Thursday Night League.
  4. Fall league expands to 6 teams.
  5. Mark Hits his first baseball homerun, off scoreboard at DoubleDay Field, in Cooperstown, at August Legends Tournament.
  6. On August 14th, during a playoff game. Vince Valentini(Orioles) pitches a Shut Out (9 inning complete game) versus the Yankees. Teams used metal bats.
  1.  'A League Of Our Own' players play 4 days in Cooperstown Tournament.

  2. The Fall League expands to eight teams.

  3. Mark VanOverloop belts 2nd career homer (This one at Sulak in Thursday Night League), and in the fall wins his 20th game of the year as a pitcher, for the 1st time.

  4. First year of full schedule of Thursday Night League games.

  1. Orioles go 9-0 in fall league, becoming the first undefeated league champions, and still the only team to beat every other team in the league in one season.

  2. The Fall league expands to 10 teams.

  3. Mark plays in an 18 and over league with his son, Tim, and in the fall wins 22 games pitching for the 2nd year in a row.

  4. Mark VanOverloop brings a team of League stars to Tournament at Hudson Valley Stadium. Our team beats both other teams to win the Tournament, as Mark pitches and wins the first game.

  5. As a trial, all teams play 3 wood bat games.

  1. 'A League Of Our Own' expands to 16 teams, 2x8 team divisions. The Bergen Rockies win metal division while the Orioles capture the wood division pennant and the White Sox win the playoffs.
  2. Hold first minor league stadium tournament Memorial Day weekend at Hudson Valley Stadium.
  3. Host first Labor Day tourney at Yogi Berra stadium.
  1. 'A League Of Our Own' expands to 18 teams.

  2. August Cooperstown expands to 5 teams.

  3. Host a second 2001 Cooperstown Tournament, this one in September.

  4. Host Labor Day Tourney at Skylands Park Stadium, Sussex, New Jersey.

  5. Host 50+ All-Star Game.

  6. Mark Van Overloop twirls shutout #3 in Thursday Night League.

  7. Mark Van Overloop hurls 100th pitching win (in over 40 career).

  1. Memorial Day Weekend Tourney- Sunday at Skylands Park, New Jersey and Monday at Hudson Valley Stadium.

  2. September Cooperstown expands to 3 teams.

  3. Dave Taeschler (Blue Jays) hurls two one-hit nine inning complete game shutouts.

  4. Host 1st Father/Son Game in July.

  1. August Cooperstown expands to 6 teams.

  2. Labor Day Tourney at Hudson Valley Stadium.

  3. Fall League expands to 12 teams.

  4. September Cooperstown expands to 4 teams.

  5. Bob McGarry pitches shoutout in August, Cooperstown.

  6. Mark Van Overloop hurls career shutout #4 (in Sept. Cooperstown).

  7. Thursday Night League expands to 4 teams.

  8. Mark Cieslak hits 19 home runs in our 3 leagues & playoffs.






  1. Thursday Night League expands to 6 teams.

  2. Memorial Day and Labor Day Tournaments at Hudson Valley.

  3. Mark Van Overloop hits 3rd career homer (2nd at Doubleday), pitches 5th career shutout (2nd at Doubleday), gains 150th men's leagues pitching win and 20th pitching victory on Doubleday Field-all in the same game at our July Cooperstown Tourney.

  4. Mark Van Overloop spins 6th career shutout (in Fall League game), and later on gains his 20th pitching win of the year (for the 3rd time in the last 7 years).

  5. Mark Cieslak belts 24 homers in 25 games.

  6. League hosts a 2nd Cooperstown Tourney for the year - this one in August Tourney.


  1. Sunday League expands to 19 teams, most ever!
  2. Giants go 18-0 to become first undefeated regular season Sunday League Team.
  3. Mark Van Overloop pitches his 7th and 8th (#3 in Cooperstown) career shutout, 2,000 career inning and gains 20 pitching wins in a year for the 4th time since 1998.
  4. Marlins go 9-0 in a Fall League, joining the 9-0 1999 Orioles, as only the second undefeated full fall season team.


  1. A new weeknight Fall League starts with 3 teams and is won by the Orioles.
  2. Our Orioles/League Team wins Cooperstown Tournament for the 5th time.
  3. Mark Van Overloop wins career pitching victory #200 (his 17th year adult hardball career) while winning a career best 25 games and pitching a career high 240 innings.
  4. 'Orioles Plus' Team wins a holiday weekend stadium tourney for the 3rd year.
  1. Ed Van Overloop, Mark's father, passed away on April 6th. Ed was Mark's #1 fan, the Orioles #1 fan and our League's #1 fan.. He will be missed by all who knew him.
  2. Timothy Van Overloop, Mark's son, is named Vice President of the League.
  3. Jay Gross (Angels) sets League record by hitting 4 home runs in a single game.
  4. 'Orioles/Braves Team (Mark's new Sunday team) wins the Memorial Day Tournament at Dutchess County Stadium.
  5. Mark Van Overloop wins two games pitched in the same day, wins 20 games in a year for the 6th time (including the last 4 years in a row) and garners 'Unofficial' Night League Cy Young Award with 10 regular season and 1 playoff win(s) for the 12-5-1 Playoff Co-Champion Orioles.
  6. Mike Dittamo (Passaic Yankees) pitches a 1-0 complete game - the lowest scoring game in league history.
  7. Mark Van Overloop collects his 1,000th men's hardball career base hit, wins a career high 31 games, while pitching a career best 273 innings.
  8. Al Brucati (Orioles/Braves) slams 14 home runs - 3rd highest yearly total in league history.
  9. Orioles win 2nd consecutive weeknight fall league.
  10. Giants win the Sunday League Playoffs for the 3rd time in 4 years (2004, 2006, 2007).
  1. Mark Van Overloop plays in his 1,000th game and wins his 250th game as a pitcher - both in men's baseball - while winning 20 games for the 7th year (last 5 years in a row) and hurling 200+ innings for the 5th time.
  2. Al Bracuti belts 15 home runs for the year, which follow his 14 homers in 2007, to now rank as the second most prodigious slugger in League history, after Mark Cieslak (who had 55 homers in his ALOO career).
  3. The Fall League expands to 13 Sunday teams (most ever) and 5 night teams (also the most ever).
  4. Mets I finish first - Sunday League - for the fifth time (most ever) and first in the Fall league for the third time (tying Bergen Rockies for most ever).
  1. We had the most teams ever in our Sunday League-20, Fall Sunday League-14, and Night League-7.
  2. Mark Van Overloop pitches his 3,000th Career Inning (in 20 years of adult baseball) while winning 20 games for the 8th year (the last 6 years in a row) and posting a career best 3.89 E.R.A.
  3. John McCann manages an ALOOO Team in Central Park Tournament, while Mark Van Overloop wins 2 games including the Championship Game to lead the team to a 5-0 record.
  4. After 15 years and over 3,000 games played, the first 10 ALOOO Hall of Famers are selected.
  5. Orioles Al Bracuti becomes 2nd player to hit 40 homers in ALOOO.
  1. Cooperstown Tournament expands to 7 teams - our largest yet.
  2. Mark Van Overloop posts a career best 2.55 E.R.A. wins his 300th pitching victory (men's baseball career) and pitches 9 shutout innings in a no-decision.

8 Active Original Charter Members, having played continuously since 1995.


Inaugural League Season on Opening Day 2007 Rosters:

(Current Team Listed-*denotes still with original team):

*Mark Van Overloop-Orioles   *Bob McGarry-Yankees/Angels  

*Joe Peluso-Yankees/Angels   *Mike Zarutansky-Yankees/Angels


Joined that Summer:

*Pete Masucci-Indians   Steve Choromanski-Cubs   John Kochan-Mets


Joined in the Fall:

Jerry Camhy-Mets  


In Memoriam Players: Dave Singer (1995-99) First Marlin Manager    Joe Traina (1995)

Paul Palmer (2000-01)   Steve Ryan (1998-2001)   Tom Corra (2000-03)  Rich Murphy (2001-02)

Teams: Highlanders/Rockies (Fall 1995-April 2001)   Rangers (2000-01)   White Sox (Fall 1995-2003)  Bergen Rockies (2000-2005)  Cubs (1997-2006)   Pirates (2004-2006)


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